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01 Connecting

Send me an email with your name, phone number, name of your company and 3 dates best available for you to meet for an interview .

02 Appointment

Let's get together for a 60 minute privat talk. This is at no charge, and will give an opportunity to get a bit closer to the point .

03 Strategy

We will scetch a strategy and pint - point the main issue to be taken care off first .

04 Agreement

Here we will confirm and sign a contract where many things will be figured out and listed in detail .

05 Project Target

Strategy, development, outline, business plan, staff meetings, target approach, conducting analyses and implementing .

06 Implementing

Change management, people management, pro-active implementation, role model, training, honest, open and focused communication  .

07 Let's roll

Strong team, motivation for change, validation of performance, immediate economic improvement  .

08 Celebrate success

Feed-back, feed-forward, celebrate and enjoy your team and your business improvement  .
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