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what we do

Food Recipe Development

Creative Food & Beverage

People Management

Hospitality Concept

Crisis Management

Ownership Thinking







Ad interim



Our primary service is our 50 years of experience in the hospitality business.

Whether you are looking for an interim management for any department in your company, an stratigic opening consultant, human resource management and hiring support, or perhaps for a contracted work relief, we are here to help you.

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Experience Share

Our number one service.

Experience is the most valuable in the HIRM business.That is when we come in and support you in the best possible manner to make your business a long lasting success.

- Best guest service process for your guests and the team.

- Optimal Back and Front of the house management planning structur

- Menu and recipe developement for optimal revenue success.

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Speaker and Consultant

Team and management enhancement

through listening and learning. learn how to get the best out of a hard working day. Learn how you can have fun and great success within the team. Your customers will notice and appreciate the possitive attitude immediately. Success guarnteed in a comfort zone you probably have not thought about.

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Interim Management

We assist you in your need of an interim. Kitchen, Back of the house, Front of the house, Service, HR, or any opening in your team, until you have settled the structure in order to run the business smoothly and the way you desire it. This service can not be provided permanently, due to high  demand. We ask you to inquire in time.

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